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Greg Slepak

Greg Slepak

Greg Slepak

Co-founder, okTurtles Foundation


Greg Slepak has “lived the blockchain life” since first encountering the concept in 2010 after reading Satoshi’s whitepaper.

His contributions to the field focus on how blockchains can be used to improve the security of all Internet communications, as well as various educational and theoretical works relating to the concept of decentralization itself.

These works include:

– DNSChain: a blockchain-friendly DNS server that can be used to secure HTTPS communications. It has influenced many other projects in the field.

– DPKI: a design document describing how a generic, blockchain-agnostic specification can be created for a Decentralized Public-key Infrastructure to supersede X.509.

– DCS Triangle: near-simultaneously discovery with Trent McConaghy, it introduces a mental framework for understanding the decentralization limits of all consensus processes, including blockchains.

– Various papers and blog posts on topics ranging from Zcash’s trusted setup, to debunkings of disinformation that periodically appear and throw the blockchain community into confusion and drama.

Greg is also the President and co-founder of the okTurtles Foundation, a non-profit whose mission is to support beneficial decentralization technologies, and is the CEO of Tao Effect LLC, a small business creating encryption and security software for end-users.

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